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What is Microblading? The Goal, The Procedure, and The Expectations

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates hairlike strokes using a small, handheld tool. The procedure will leave you with full, effortless brows that appear completely natural.

Precise measurements will be taken to see where brows should start, peak, and end. Ideal brow shape is sketched on, showing the client the projected brow shape, and giving them the opportunity to make desired changes. Once approved, topical numbing cream is applied to brows before procedure begins. 

After your microblading procedure, you should expect your brows to go through several changes during the following  3-4 weeks. For the first 1-3 days, your brows will appear dark in color. During days 3-7, your brows will lighten, and possibly become patchy. This is your skin healing. It is essential not to pick at your brows during this period and allow them to properly heal. Once the patchiness wears off, your brows will appear extremely light in color for up to a week. Once this process is completed, client will return for a 6 week touch up appointment. This allows the Artist to ensure your brows healed properly, and put the final touches on your new, beautiful brows.